Test behind success


CIMAC Laboratories


Behind the commitment of companies striving for quality and innovation lies a story no one sees, but which plays an essential role in achieving their goals:
the story of CIMAC,
a team of experts with a single vision and a single purpose: guaranteeing excellent, high-quality products for the fashion industry and compliance with global standards. 

For us, quality is synonymous with excellence and excellence is achieved by developing synergies.


We have been on the market for over 30 years and have nurtured the trust of our customers with our skills and knowledge of materials and technologies in the fashion industry.

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Promoting the continuous search for innovative state-of-the-art materials to further quality, sustainability and safety.

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We constantly follow developments in European and global safety and quality regulations.

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Laboratory testing and analyses to improve product quality and safety.

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Since 1994, CIMAC has been a Notified Body for the certification of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for the upper and lower limbs.

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Your own “CIMAC-approved” laboratory

We can help you develop and operate your own in-house testing laboratory.
We can offer you a bespoke service for the installation, operation and calibration checks of a modern testing laboratory.
We use a strict auditing process to evaluate the laboratory’s quality system, equipment, environment and staff, which have to meet high standards.

Contact us at info@cimac.it