We offer you testing services to evaluate the quality, safety and non-toxicity of fashion products: from the prototype through the early stages of development and production and release on the market.
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Safety tests

To guarantee the product safety, respect for the consumer and absolutely certain performance that form the foundations for access to the market, complying with legislation in effect in various countries.
Here are a few examples: 
-heel attachment to sole according to EN 12785
-resistance to repeated impact of the heel according to EN ISO 19956
-slip resistance of soles according to EN 13287
Performance / Physical – Mechanical tests
To assess the quality and suitability of materials used, from design to prototyping in compliance with the quality standards and with end-use performance requirements:
– determination of resistance to repeated bending according to ISO 17707

– determination of rigidity of the arch support according to EN 12959

Chemical tests

to assess the chemical safety of the finished product and its components. Here are a few examples:
– verification of conformity to binding legislation all over the world  
monitoring of production process                                                                                                     
assessment of compliance with private PRSL, RSL and MRSL

Comfort tests

To measure ergonomic parameters such as transpiration and water vapour absorption

Packaging tests

to preserve integrity throughout the distribution chain or to assess the suitability of materials intended to be in contact with food (MOCA).
Our laboratories are accredited by ACCREDIA ACCREDIA in accordance to UNI CEI EN ISO IEC 17025 standard (download document)

Our test reports are recognised and accepted  in over 80 countries worldwide.