Children’s products

Health and safety are essential requirements on which the regulation of children’s products is based.

That’s why it is important to demonstrate conformity with global standards,
so that parents with growing concerns can make a safe and secure purchase.


We perform the following tests in our laboratories:

  • all physical-mechanical tests
  • an analysis of the risk of choking due to small parts and an evaluation of the presence of sharp edges and pointed parts
  • impact, torsion, tension and compression strength tests
  • flammability tests
  • an analysis for the search for heavy metals in the surface coverings and substrate materials
  • an analysis for the search for toxic substances
  • antimicrobial effectiveness testing
  • safety and biocompatibility tests

We are registered with the US consumer product safety commission (CPSC — Consumer Product Safety Commission).

We are accredited by PJLA to perform tests in compliance with the CPSIA Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act.

With us, you can guarantee the conformity of your product in China, Korea, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Europe, Russia and Countries in the Eurasian Economic Union (EAC Certification).

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