Components and accessories

We evaluate the chemical safety and the quality of the materials used
to confirm their suitability in accordance with the intended use of the product.

What we do


To keep production process parameters under control.
Physical-mechanical tests:
  • Guide and validate design solutions at various stages (choice of raw materials, definition of technological, productive and performance parameters on the basis of intended use)
  • Supply precise references for measurement to ensure conformity of quality over time.
  • We help you choose the most appropriate test methods for the specific component and the market in question: effective structural testing of materials allows you to offer the market products with proven levels of safety and quality, essential conditions for satisfying the industry concerned and meeting the demands of global brands

Comfort Tests

To guarantee high standards of quality and well-being for your product.
Numerous factors affect comfort, which is why it is important to define them and assess them scientifically. We have come up with a series of tests for:
  • measuring thermo-physiological properties and transpiration
  • analysing the product’s balance between comfort and performance/durability, taking into account interaction with the body and the environment along with the component's specific functions
  • assessing the compatibility of materials in contact with the skin

Chemical tests

To control the quality of raw materials and ensure compliance with obligatory standards on the global market.
Examples of tests:
  • Content of metals subject to limitation under CPSIA and REACH standards
  • Determination of composition
  • Nickel released under UNI EN 1811
  • Nickel released following wear and corrosion
  • Formaldehyde test
  • Flaw test
  • Chemical testing of incoming raw materials
  • Evaluation of biodegradability/compostability

Performance Tests

To assess your product’s durability and performance.
The performance of an accessory is very important, not only in technical and sporting items but in fashion, which has become increasingly demanding and aware of technological innovation.
Our laboratories conduct the trials appropriate for the product’s intended use, reporting on the technical properties of the products to allow our customers to assess their technological benchmarks.
Examples of tests:
  • shock resistance
  • protection against atmospheric phenomena
  • capacity to absorb energy
  • repeated use
  • abrasion

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