Cookie Policy

In compliance with the provisions of the Data Protection Authorities’ general measure of 8 May 2014, published in the Official Journal n. 126 of 3 June 2014 in transposition of Directive 2002/58/EC, the Data Controller of this website hereby provides the following simplified cookie policy relating to the website.

Cookies are small text files that are deposited by a website on the user’s hard disk, thus identifying the user’s browser unambiguously. They contain a modest amount of information that is downloaded onto your computer or your mobile device when you visit a website. At each subsequent visit, these cookies are then re-sent to the website that generated them or to any other website that is able to recognise them. Cookies are frequently used to improve the operation and efficiency of a website, and to provide the website Data Controller with data. Cookies are used for various purposes: to enable authentication, to monitor sessions, to store information on specific configurations concerning users who access the server, to store preferences, etc.. Cookies do not damage the computer and do not contain viruses. Cookies are used to speed up web traffic analysis, to communicate when a specific website is visited, and to allow web applications to send information to individual users. The cookies on our web pages do not reveal data about the user and are not used to track users. They can be disabled at any time and are not used to transmit personal information. The cookies on our websites are used exclusively for anonymous statistical analyses and to improve the online help feature.

This website makes use of two macro-categories of cookies:

  • Direct Cookies, used directly by us on your computer or mobile device;
  • Indirect Cookies, used by third parties on our behalf. We use indirect cookies for efficiency, performance and reporting purposes.

The website makes uses of technical and session cookies. Instead, it does not make use of profiling cookies, i.e. cookies used to track users’ browsing activities and create profiles based on their tastes, habits, choices, etc. These cookies make it possible to send users advertising in line with the preferences already expressed by browsing the net.

More specifically, this website uses the following types of cookies:

Technical and session cookies

These cookies are required in order to browse the website or provide a service requested by the user. They are not used for any other purpose and are normally installed directly by the website Data Controller. Without these cookies, some operations could not be carried out or would be more complex and/or less secure: for example, in home banking (viewing bank statements, arrangement of bank transfers, payment of bills, etc.), these cookies are essential, as they enable secure user identification. These cookies, therefore, allow the website to work properly and allow users to view its content on the device used. Without these cookies, some important website features, such as login or the shopping cart, may not be provided. Session cookies fall under the category of technical cookies and are necessary for the website to work.

Functional cookies

Stored on computers or on any other device used, functional cookies record users’ choices at their own request, and remind them of said choices in order to ensure an optimised and customised browsing experience (e.g. restricted area password registration, storing products in the shopping cart for a later date, saving the selected language, the possibility of viewing videos or commenting blogs, etc.). Functional cookies are not essential for the website’s operation, but they improve the quality of the browsing experience.

Analytics Cookies

These cookies collect information on how users use the website, such as which web pages they visit most often. This website uses the third-party cookies known as “Google Analytics”, i.e. a statistical analysis service delivered and managed by Google, which anonymously analyses how users visit a website. The information on website use (including IP addresses) generated by these cookies is sent to and stored on the Google servers. Google Analytics is an analysis tool that helps website and app owners understand how visitors interact with their content. This service may use a set of cookies to collect information and generate statistics on website use, without however providing Google with personal information on individual visitors. In addition to generating statistics on website use, Google Analytics, together with some of the advertising cookies described above, makes it possible to show relevant ads through the various Google features (e.g. Google Search) and across the Web.
Useful addresses for more information on the Google Analytics privacy policy: – – Analytics Cookies are not essential for the website’s operation.

Flash Cookie

In some circumstances, this website may use Adobe Flash Player to deliver some content, such as videos or animations. Flash cookies are stored on the users’ devices, but are managed through a different interface to the one provided by the browser used. This means that it is not possible to manage Flash cookies through the browser, but through the Flash management tools available directly on the Adobe website ( The Adobe website provides comprehensive information on the elimination or disabling of Flash cookies. For more information, visit: Flash cookies are not essential for the website’s operation, but disabling or refusing them could prevent access to certain website contents.

Please note that users may express their preferences concerning the use of cookies on this website (see detailed list on the “types of cookies”) through the browser settings, following the instructions provided below. Users may also opt for “anonymous browsing”, allowing them to browse the internet without saving any information concerning the websites and pages visited, the passwords used and other such information.

Disabling cookies

Warning: please be informed that the disabling of cookies (technical or otherwise) could result in some website features being reduced or unavailable.


To disable the use of analytics cookies and prevent Google Analytics from collecting browsing data, you can download the relevant add-on from the following link: To disable the use of cookies by Google, visit:

Flash Cookies

To disable Flash Cookies, use the Adobe Flash management tools available at the following link:

To disable the types of cookies used by this website directly from your browser, visit:

If your browser is not listed above, please refer to your browser’s documentation or online help for more information. Please note that, with regard to the links listed in this document, the Data Controller acts merely as a technical intermediary and cannot be held responsible in the event of any changes.