LAW 231/01

CIMAC has adopted a Model of Crime Prevention (MCP) in accordance with the principles of the current version of Leg. Decree No. 231/2001, in order to prevent and deter non-ethical behaviour that may involve the commission of crimes by members of its organisational structure.

The CIMAC MCP is defined and updated in the light of the specific activities carried out by the organisation, and constitutes a further protection of its independence. Moreover, it is an integral part of the process of compliance with specific mandatory regulations and of the process of accreditation, with regard to which CIMAC also adopts specific protocols developed in implementation of Reg. (EU) 2016/425 concerning the independence of notified bodies.

The CIMAC MCP forms part of a broader system of control and protection, with all its organisational documentation, all of these elements being considered parts of a single system detailing the organisation’s principles and its operational and behavioural rules.

CIMAC promotes awareness of these ethical and behavioural principles within its organisation, and protects confidentiality in cases of detailed internal reports of illegal conduct or violations of the MCP.

CIMAC has appointed a Supervisory Body identified in the person of the Atty. Tommaso E. Romolotti, who can be contacted at