Different countries, different regulations

We help you overcome non-tariff barriers and ensure conformity with current regulations in your destination country.
Just a few examples:

The People’s Republic of China

China has an intricate and complex product quality control system.
CIMAC offers ad hoc advice and performs all the characterisation tests on the finished product and its parts.

Stati Uniti

Federal law requires manufacturers and importers to test many consumer products for compliance with safety requirements. Certificates must be supplied with products or product shipments.
CIMAC is accredited by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, and can perform all the tests required for children’s shoes.


The “Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act”, commonly known as “Proposition 65”, is a law which does not prohibit use of toxic substances but makes warnings mandatory.
CIMAC offers concrete support for the proper management of Proposition 65.

Countries of the Eurasian Customs Union

In Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, before most industrial products and consumer goods can clear customs and be sold and used, it is mandatory to comply with the safety requirements set down in the Custom Union Technical Regulations or “TR CU” for the protection of human life and the environment. Conformity of a product to one or more technical regulations is demonstrated with a Certificate of Conformity or a Declaration of Conformity. CIMAC can help you obtain them.

Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia requires all product shipments exported to the country to be accompanied by a certificate guaranteeing their conformity to the applicable standards and technical regulations.
CIMAC can perform the laboratory tests required under the Saudi conformity assessment programme.