Raw Materials

There are a series of challenges to be met along the entire supply chain.

These involve safety, quality, process, regulatory compliance, performance and life cycle.

Whether you make additives or basic chemicals or whether you are a processor, 
overcoming these challenges could give your company a competitive edge.


We test components, raw materials, unprocessed materials and semi-finished products, used in a broad range of products to ensure compliance with performance, quality, safety and sustainability standards.

We can help you improve them and understand how suitable they are for their specific application, generating quality.

Some sample tests to identify the characteristics of raw materials include: 

  • Physical-mechanical tests
  • thermal properties
  • resistance to ageing
  •  viscosity
  •  flammability
  •  durability
  • permeability


Chemical tests:

  • analysis of undesired/harmful chemical residues
  • quality control of incoming lots
  • analysis of textile treatments (dispersants, wetting agents, etc.)
  • analysis of dyes and pigments on the basis of the requirements of ETAD (The Ecological and Toxicological Association of Dyes and Organic Pigments Manufacturers)
  • determination of the bio-based component according to A S T M D 6 8 6 6 and E N 1 6 6 4 0
  •  compliance of chemical products according to MRSL
  • assistance developing recipes and formulas
  • dosage of active ingredients in cosmetics
  • development and validation of test methods for raw materials and semi-products
  • pre-market testing

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